We are an owner-operated Small Business Enterprise, Our founder is acutely aware of the very difficult situation parents face daily juggling their very busy rush hour schedule or lack of extra help while faced with the task of taking their Pre-K through high school kids to and from school. 


Due to her own direct personal experiences as a result of this need, she realized her vision came to found Rush Hour Kids Transportation, Incorporated  an attempt to alleviate this situation within the community. She is determined and hardworking.


Highly qualified and dedicated, she possesses more than 22 years of experience working with kids of all ages and within the Medical field, including 

CPR  Certification 

Cell Phone: (404) 427-6780 


To provide a first class and reliable before and after school transportation for parents who, due to conflicting schedule or otherwise, maybe unable to undertake this vital responsibility themselves. 


Our goal is to take RUSH HOUR out  of the parents day and also that your kids while , at the same time, doing this within a very safe, fun, loving, learning and enriching atmosphere.


Rush Hour Kids Transportation is fully insured and bonded, we always strive to ENSURE a very safe and loving environment for the kids within our care. 

We also actively encourage an open line of communication between parents/guardians, kids and ourselves